Tour Edge 521 Extreme and Competition Series

Tour Edge 521 Extreme and Competition Series

Tour Edge developed its Hot Launch E521 and C521 golf clubs to benefit both ends of the game improvement spectrum.

Hot launch E521 is designed for Extreme game improvement. The Hot Launch C521 line suits Competition spec game improvement. Both the E and the C Series include drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

According to Tour Edge, Hot Launch E521 was designed to be the easiest-to-hit golf clubs on the market. The forgiving E Series targets players with mid-tempo golf swings seeking ease of use. The capability to launch the ball in the air results from a super-low center of gravity, shallow faces, offset designs and extremely light premium shafts.

A feature throughout the Hot Launch E521 Series is Tour Edge’s Houdini Sole Technology. This innovation pushes weight back as far as possible in to achieve an ultra-low and deep center of gravity extra forgiveness off the face.

The Hot Launch E521 Iron-Woods suit golfers looking for set of clubs that contain the ball speed of a metalwood with an iron design. Available from 3-iron to approach wedge, this utility-style model promotes power and forgiveness via its hollow-body perimeter weighting.

Tour Edge created the Hot Launch C521 for competitive golfers who possess mid-tempo and high-tempo golf swings. The C Series features premium lightweight shafts, state-of-the-art designs and enhanced acoustic properties.

The Hot Launch C521 Series includes Diamond Face/ Cup face Technology. This breakthrough technology produces a hotter face with different thick and thin diamond shapes behind the face. These shapes act as mini trampolines for faster balls speeds and improved performance on off-center strikes.

Tour Edge 521 is complete with the Hot Launch E521 Wedges. Constructed with the 14 degrees dual-flange sole and an extra large face design, E521 Wedges make it easier to loft the ball into the air from tough lies. Maximum spin and control results from grooves that conform to USGA depth and sharpness standards.

Now available in-store and online at Drummond Golf.

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