Tour Edge Exotics 723 Series

Tour Edge Exotics 723 Series


Tour Edge Exotics 723 Series

Tour Edge proudly introduces its all-new Exotics 723 range, which consists of driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. The superbly crafted series features two models boasting cutting-edge technologies. C-model 723 suits competition golfers with lower handicaps who want more adjustability, faster ball speed and lower spinning launch. E-model 723 is ideal for game improvement golfers who are looking for increased accuracy, ease of ball flight and across the board better playability.

Designed to produce low-spin power, the 445cc C723 driver features a two-tier Flight Tuning System plus Tour Edge’s breakthrough 360-degree Ridgeback and Diamond Face technologies. The two-tier front/ back weighting system allows golfers the flexibility to manipulate flight/ spin rate. C723 standard set up includes a 5-gram weight in the front and a 15-gram weight in the back. Switching these weights allows for adjustability of +/- 300 revs per minute of spin. In addition, the new sliding weight track offers a +/- 6-metre heel and toe bias to influence flight direction. For example, if you slide the weight all the way to edge of the Fade position, your flight would adjust 6 metres to the right for a right-handed player, and vice versa for the Draw setting. Tour Edge engineers advanced the company’s Ridgeback Technology from its previous model introducing increased structural properties and 360-degree perimeter weighting for a stronger feel at impact and more power across the clubface. The Titanium Ridgeback spine running from the centre of the face through the crown now wraps around the entire perimeter to frame the entire clubhead. Adding Titanium allows more support on off-centre strikes to increase ball speed and distance. New Diamond Face VFT Technology carefully locates 61 diamond shapes of varying thicknesses in an interweaving pattern on the clubface. The diamond shapes, which perform as mini trampolines to increase ball speed at impact, cover the expanse of the face to expand the sweet spot. C723 driver contains 5% more carbon fibre than its predecessor. This saves weight in the clubhead allowing for inclusion of the 360-degree Ridgeback design.

The all-new Titanium C723 fairway boasts an ultra-premium compact profile, a flight tuning system, revolutionary RyzerSole Technology and Diamond Face Technology. The full one-piece Titanium body and face is merged with a Carbon Crown for the ultimate in power and feel. C723 fairway includes an adjustable weighting system similar to C723 driver with two weight locations that allow mass to be swapped. Ryzer Sole Technology is made up by using an unprecedented 90-grams of mass placed as low as possible in the sole of the clubhead (75-permanent Tungsten weight and a 15-gram adjustable weight). This is part of a sole rail that extends from leading edge to trailing edge. The advanced design delivers a super-low and forward center of gravity, high-launching flight with low spin rates and the reduction of turf interaction to maximise ball speed off the face. C723 fairway contains an adjustable hosel that offers golfers the ability to change the loft +/- 1.5 degrees up or down.

Tour Edge says their C723 hybrid is the most iron-like hybrid on the market allowing golfers to approach impact with an iron swing. The square-toe design hybrid features a flight tuning system, RyzerSole Technology, Diamond Face Technology and an adjustable hosel to deliver a vast loft range from 15.5 degrees to 24.5 degrees.

C723 irons are the ultimate player’s distanced iron. Powered by Tour Edge’s revolutionary VIBRCOR™ technology and Diamond Face VFT™ technology, these beautifully crafted irons offer incredible power and feel. VIBRCOR consists of a high-grade TPU injected into the hollow-body pocket. The performance gel dampens sound and shock at impact while producing faster ball speeds. The sleek-looking iron contains Diamond Face Technology with 92 mini trampolines diamond shapes cast across the entire face for an expansive sweet spot for more distance and control. C723 irons are composed with a high-strength forged Military-Grade Maraging Steel Face welded onto to a 17-4 stainless steel body. It’s a high-strength to weight construction that allows the advanced iron to be crafted with a thinner face to increase face flex across more surface area of the clubface and increase ball speed.

The easier-to-launch and more forgiving E723 model includes many of the key technologies featured in the high-performing C723 model with some subtle design differences aimed to better suit game improving golfers.

The larger 460cc E723 driver is designed for maximum forgiveness. It contains an extremely low rearward center of gravity position, which leads to greater stability at impact. This results in higher ball flight and a tighter shot dispersion. The Flight Tuning System features a 20-gram weight on a sliding track at the extreme trailing edge of the sole of the clubhead. Sliding the weight along the track produces a +/- 9-metre heel and toe bias in directional flight. As with C723 drivers, E723 drivers include 360-degree Ridgeback Technology, Diamond Face Technology and Quad Carbon Technology.

The extremely forgiving E723 fairways and hybrids feature RyzerSole Technology, a Carbon Crown design, Diamond Face Technology and a Maraging Steel Face. They also include an adjustable 10-gram weight at the extreme trailing edge on the sole of the clubhead for a lower and deeper center of gravity position. This provides greater stability as the clubhead is more resistant to twisting at impact.

E723 irons offer the sound and feel of a forged iron in the body of an extreme game improvement iron. The powerful iron includes more VIBRCOR in the clubhead and now features visible VIBRCOR on the back of the clubhead to further boost speed. Its one-piece high-strength steel body with a 360-degree Undercut Design lowers the center of gravity promoting a higher launch. The multi-material electro-form cap now includes carbon fibre for added perimeter weighting to aid overall distance across the entire clubface. Dual toe weighting expands the sweet spot for more consistent results from off-centre strikes and further enhances the sound and feel of the iron. And, Diamond Face Technology with 103 diamond shapes covering the clubface allows the E723 irons deliver faster ball speeds from all strikes.

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