Cleveland Frontline Elite Elevado Slant Neck Putter


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DG Product Code: 81050496

One of our most popular Putter head shapes ever, ELEVADO features a winged mallet design paired with a Slant Neck hosel, best suited for a slight arc stroke.

With a one-of-a-kind Tungsten SOFT face, model-specific sole/counterbalance weighting, and our 2135 Technology, everything about Frontline Elite is designed to help you hit straighter putts with consistent distance and incredible feel.

On Frontline Elite, a new Tungsten SOFT face pulls the Center of Gravity way forward. That's right, we made the face an actual weight. Why? It's simple, really. Straighter putts. Radical? Maybe. Revolutionary? Totally.


Alrighty, gather round, class. When you strike a Putter off-center, it rotates, imparting sideways forces that push your putt off-line. But with a rear-biased CG, the effect gets exaggerated.


See those densely-grouped grooves in the center of the face gradually spreading out toward the heel and toe? Cool, right? That's our Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT).

Those grooves balance energy transfer across the face, so even if you miss the center, putts still make it to the hole without stopping short.


New, adjustable sole weights in the head of every Frontline Elite model, along with counterbalance weights beneath the grip, ensure swing feel is consistent no matter which model or shaft length you choose.

If you prefer a heavier or lighter feel, sole weight pairs or full sets are available for order, separately.


Consistent alignment depends on your eyes being directly over the ball, every time, which is a taller order than most think. Our 2135 Technology—featured on all Frontline Elite mallets—positions the sightline on the exact center axis of the ball to help you achieve perfect alignment every time, regardless of your address.


To provide the full-bodied look mallet players prefer, the weighting required for great feel, and a performance-enhancing forward CG, Frontline Elite's full mallets use advanced, multi-material designs. Lightweight aluminum, ABS polymer, steel, and tungsten are all carefully assembled to give you optimal performance with premium looks, feel, fit, and finish.

To top it off, all Frontline Elite models are finished in a new, specialized coating that delivers a deep black look with an anti-smudging effect.

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