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CS2 Putting Mat

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DG Product Code: 87280101

Practice Routine

Use the CS2 putting aid for just 30 minutes a day and you will start seeing the results straight away. The following practice routine will allow you to work on absolutely every part of your putting stroke.

Record your results, you will be very surprised!

Rails Only

Using the rails only, work on perfecting your putting path. Practice hitting the ball without bumping the rails.

Rails & End Gates

Get comfortable hitting the ball through the end-gates to ensure a square putter face at impact.

String Only

Practice hitting the ball along your intended line without the assistance of the rails.

Free Putting

Visualize your putt from start to finish and record your results for future reference.

Breaking Putts

Slide the foam insert under one side of the mat to create a breaking putt. Get your pace right and you should make every putt.

The goal of this exercise is to get consistent.

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