Drummond Golf Injury Solution Centre

Our LP Support Range provides dynamic protection, maximum comfort and excellent recovery when you're not only playing golf but all forms of exercise. 

Wearing a brace while playing golf can help prevent injury,  provide additional support and alleviate pain from a previous injury. Common golf injuries include elbow tendonitis , knee pain, wrist pain, back pain and more. The best type of brace for golfing is one that is lightweight and doesn’t impede your swinging motion.

Support Level: While most braces look similar in appearance, their design and level of support differs significantly.
Injury-Specific: In addition to matching your injury to the level of support needed, you'll also want to consider choosing a product designed for your specific injury, whether it’s pain due to arthritis or a sport-related injury.
Brace Styles: There are several distinct brace styles, each one with its own set of pros and cons. Some of the most common include wraparounds, pull-ups, knee straps, hinged braces, neoprene braces, and magnetic styles.
Optimal Size: While some braces go on the one-size-fits-all concept, we recommend products with a selection of sizes ranging from small to extra-large, our fitting experts can help you determine the proper size for you.


For braces and supports to offer you the best support and to work most effectively,
we highly recommend you head in store and get fitted by our sport brace experts. 


Shoulder Pain - Repetitive action can cause the shoulder to tear due to poor rotation. In Golf this can be due to bad technique when taking your club away and not turning your shoulder, it can tear your rotator cuff. LP have a great range of shoulder supports and compression tops that can help in decrease pain and improve shoulder position.

Back Pain -Most people will experience back pain at least once in their life. The back tends to be injured when moving in a wide range with acceleration or in a pressed condition. Because golf is a one sided movement, it can place a lot of pressure on the lower back muscle and joints. So a good back support like the X-Tremus back support can help reduce and minimise any chance of lower back pain.


Elbow Pain - Injuries are common in sports requiring repetitive grasping or griping motions, which cause fatigue stress or chronic inflammation of the tendons. The typical injury in golf is called ‘’Golfers Elbow’’ and this is due to overuse and repetitive stress on the elbow. It usually occurs when the player grip tight and frequently. Pain is usually occurs in the medial side of elbow. The X-Tremus Elbow and Tennis/Golf Elbow strap have a gel pad to assist with the prevention and recovery of elbow.

Wrist Pain -  Repetitive wrist motions and prolonged fix posture in a flexed position are the most common causes of wrist injuries. Exercises requiring repetitive, manipulative action, such as bat (club) and ball sports frequently leads to wrist lesions. LP have a great range of X-Tremus and other wrist devices to provide the level of support for prevention and recovery.



Ankle Pain - High impact or repetitive motions are the causes of ankle injuries. Walking, Running or jumping on rough surfaces may also lead to ankle injuries from counterforce stress. The ankle takes a lot of load during the swing and on the course. LP have a great range of X-Tremus and other braces to provide support for preventive and recovery purposes.

Knee Pain -  Repetitive motions like walking, running, jumping and prolonged standing can lead to great stress on the knee. Unexpected stretching forces during sports may also cause knee disorders. The rotation action of golf can put a lot of pressure on the knee. LP X-Tremus range can assist with the preventive and recovery injury of the knee.


Recovery - After a day on the course a player should look to cool down and consider braces for the 19th hole. Recovery is most important as the body has a chance to recuperate and recovery and address those aches and pains. LP have a great range of 4 way stretch which are easy to put on and provide comfort and aid post-game recovery.

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