New Bag Of Tricks - 2024 New Releases

2024 is going to be super competitive on the course with new gear from many of the big brands, all aiming to add distance, accuracy and consistency to your game.

As Australia's Biggest we're committed to making sure you have access to all of the latest and greatest products the moment they're available, backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee, and with the option of a FREE fitting through golf's most advanced fitting experience, MiMatch.

See below for a selection of all-new 2024 gear, and make sure you keep an eye out in the following weeks as we update this page with more exciting products coming to market. And don't forget, you can always get the latest golfing news from the Drummond Golf Blog.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 524 Series

Tour Edge unveils its latest golf innovation, the Hot Launch 524 Series. This new series, loaded with cutting-edge technology borrowed from the tour-winning Exotics line, cements Tour Edge's position as the industry leader in performance and innovation.

The series reinforces Tour Edge's commitment to expanding custom fitting to all golfers by introducing a comprehensive range of game improvement designs tailored to suit every player type.

Available in-store and online early March 2024.


Titleist Vokey Design SM10 Wedges

The game’s most-played wedge on Tour just got better! Welcome to the new Titleist Vokey Design SM10 Wedges. 

Master Craftsman Bob Vokey has engineered the new family of short game clubs to focus on three key areas to achieving successful wedge play.

Available in-store and online early March 2024.


PXG 0311 Black Ops Drivers

The 0311 Black Ops Driver is meticulously designed to optimise both distance and forgiveness, providing an explosive sound and an extraordinary feel upon impact. Tailored for a diverse range of players, this driver presents a high launch, low-spin option, ensuring unmatched ball speed, distance, and exceptional forgiveness.

Available in-store and online mid March 2024.


PXG 0311 Black Ops Fairways

Equipped with PXG's most advanced fitting technology, these fairway woods boast a supported weight structure that has undergone rigorous modal analysis testing. The Precision Weighting Technology strategically placed in the extreme perimeter, anchored to the outer wall, creates a stiff and stable structure generating high-frequency vibrations. Through meticulous modal analysis, PXG has fine-tuned this geometry to deliver an optimal feel and sound at impact.

Available in-store and online mid March 2024.


PXG 0311 Black Ops Hybrids

PXG 0311 Black Ops Hybrids enjoy a sleek and aerodynamic aesthetic appearance. They're designed to be effortlessly wielded, providing a low-spin option for golfers of all skill levels, and include a high-strength stainless steel face material along with an optimisied design with thinner wall geometry for enhanced performance.

Available in-store and online mid March 2024.


Cleveland CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges

Introducing the Cleveland CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges, a pinnacle of innovation that seamlessly merges premium versatility with unparalleled forgiveness. Designed with a sleek and sharp aesthetic, these wedges effortlessly complement modern cavity back or hollow sets.

The CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges boast Cleveland Golf's latest tour-caliber technologies, including HydraZip, ZipCore, and UltiZip, making them the epitome of excellence in cavity back wedge design.

Available in-store and online late January 2024.


Cobra Darkspeed Drivers

Engineered for out-of-this-world speed, the DARKSPEED Drivers feature a 10% larger PWRSHELL L-cup face for maximised launch and distance. The A.I. designed H.O.T. Face ensures efficient speed and spin across the clubface, while the suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight, positioned lower and more forward, unleashes even faster ball speeds.

Available in-store and online late January 2024.


Cobra Darkspeed Fairways

The LS model is Cobra's first fairway with Titanium construction, delivering driver-like performance and significant distance gains. The lightweight carbon crown, A.I. designed PWRSHELL H.O.T. Face, and adjustable weights enhance performance, while the LS model features a refined Titanium construction for precise shot shaping.

Available in-store and online late January 2024.


Cobra Darkspeed Hybrids

Blending distance and high launch, the DARKSPEED hybrid provides forgiveness on longer approach shots and adaptability across various lies. The deep body design and high bounce leading edge ensure improved turf interaction, stability, and confidence-inspiring shape. The A.I. designed H.O.T. Face and ONE Length configuration contribute to a flexible face, penetrating launch, and consistent swings for increased confidence from every distance.

Available in-store and online late January 2024.


Cobra Darkspeed Irons

Unleash your distance potential with the DARKSPEED Irons' hollow construction, creating Cobra's longest and most robust iron design. The larger PWRSHELL L-cup face, A.I. designed H.O.T. Face, and PWR-BRIDGE weight suspended on a single post maximise launch and distance.

Available in-store and online late January 2024.


TaylorMade Qi10 Limited Edition Drivers

For those looking to add a touch of personal style, we're excited to offer three limited edition colours - Qi10 Blackout, Qi10 Max Blue & White and Qi10 Max Gold & Black. TaylorMade continues to redefine the boundaries of performance, and now you can stand out on the course with a driver that not only delivers unmatched technology but also reflects your individuality. Embrace the future of forgiveness and make a statement with the Qi10 series in these distinctive limited edition colors - a perfect fusion of innovation and aesthetics.

Available to pre-order now. Delivery mid March 2024.


TaylorMade Qi10 Drivers

Get ready to experience a new frontier in forgiveness with TaylorMade Golf's Qi10 series of Drivers - a revolutionary lineup of drivers, including the Qi10 Max, Qi10 LS, and Qi10, marking a significant leap in forgiveness and performance.

Available to pre-order now. Delivery early February 2024.


TaylorMade Qi10 Fairway Woods & Hybrids

Embark on a journey of cutting-edge golfing performance with TaylorMade Golf's latest breakthrough—the Qi10 Family of fairway woods and hybrids. Unveiling a realm of technological innovation, these clubs redefine the game with features like the revolutionary Infinity Carbon Crown in fairways and precision weighting and shaping in hybrids.

Available to pre-order now. Delivery early February 2024.


TaylorMade 2024 Qi Irons

Meet the TaylorMade 2024 Qi Irons - your key to precision and distance in game improvement irons. Designed for optimal synergy of distance, accuracy, and solid feel, these irons blend minimalistic aesthetics with cutting-edge multi-material technology.

Available in-store and online early February 2024.


PING G430 Max 10k Drivers

Introducing the G430 MAX 10K, PING's latest pinnacle in driver technology, representing a breakthrough in straightness and moment of inertia (MOI). This driver not only eclipses the 10,000 g-cm2 combined MOI threshold set by the G400 MAX five years ago but also stands as the straightest and highest MOI driver in PING's esteemed lineup.

Available to pre-order now. Delivery early February 2024.


PING Blueprint T & S Irons

Embark on a journey of precision and performance with PING's latest offerings, the Blueprint T and Blueprint S irons. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, these irons represent the epitome of design excellence.

Available in-store and online early February 2024.


PING ChipR Le Women's

Introducing the ChipR Le, an expertly crafted short-game solution tailored exclusively for women, seamlessly blending the qualities of a putter and wedge to elevate golfers' performance around the green. This innovative club expands PING's array of short-game enhancement tools, following the successful introduction of the ChipR in 2022, catering to golfers of all skill levels.

Available in-store and online early February 2024.


Cleveland Launcher XL2 Driver

Introducing the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Adjustable Driver—a powerhouse designed for one purpose: launching bombs down the fairway. Unleash your potential with unparalleled distance, forgiveness, and consistency, courtesy of cutting-edge innovations such as MainFrame technology, an enhanced XL design, and more. Get ready to step up to the tee and swing BIG, because with the Launcher XL 2, bigger just became better.

Available in-store and online late January 2024.


Cleveland Halo XL Family

Stuck trying to get your long game off the ground? Say no more. All-new Halo XL Woods feature upgraded GlideRail sole technology for optimal turf interaction on shots off the deck. Plus, with new MainFrame XL Faces, low Centers of Gravity, and Rebound Frame, HALO XL Woods are everything you need to ditch the duffs and launch your long game to a new level.

Available in-store and online late January 2024.


Paradym Ai Smoke Drivers

Enter the realm of unparalleled design with the 360° Carbon Chassis, meticulously refined to enhance weight distribution. The integration of an internal titanium support structure has made the Carbon Chassis 15% lighter, unlocking new possibilities for performance. This redistributed mass within the head not only improves launch conditions but also introduces a new level of forgiveness, redefining the standards for golf equipment.

Available for pre-order January 12th 2024.


Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Woods

Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Woods feature a carefully crafted Carbon Chassis. Designed to achieve superior weight redistribution, a total of 24g has been strategically repositioned throughout the head. Out of this, 12g is ingeniously placed low-forward, elevating launch and spin dynamics, while the remaining 12g is tactfully positioned rearward to amplify forgiveness. Incorporating a tungsten speed cartridge takes this innovation to new heights by pushing the center of gravity (CG) low and forward. This meticulous engineering culminates in an optimal fusion of launch and spin, resulting in the promotion of maximum distance.

Available for pre-order January 12th 2024.


Paradym Smoke Ai Hybrids

Callaway’s latest hybrids have been superbly designed with a shallower profile to facilitate a high, effortless launch. The inclusion of the Tungsten Speed Cartridge takes performance to extraordinary levels, delivering exceptional distance that redefines expectations. Furthermore, a more pronounced sole camber enhances turf interaction, ensuring each swing results in precise and clean contact with the ball.

Available for pre-order January 12th 2024.


Paradym Smoke Ai Irons

Boasting a new era of iron performance, the Paradym Ai Smoke Irons offer revolutionary advancements that stem from the industry-first Ai Smart Face technology. Departing from tradition, these irons defy the trade-off between increased swing speed and control that typically accompanies longer club lengths. Thanks to the innovative Ai process, golfers can now enjoy the distance benefits of ¼” longer clubs in the mid and long irons without compromising on precise dispersion into the green. The marriage of modern shaping and hollow-body construction is at the core of these irons, seamlessly blending form and function for a golfing experience like never before.

Available for pre-order January 12th 2024.


Callaway Chrome Soft 2024 Balls

From cover to core, Callaway's Chrome Soft is the new gold standard for aspirational players who are looking for a Tour quality ball. Every detail has been enhanced including the core, inner mantle, outer mantle, and cover formulation. Chrome Soft provides outstanding performance with faster ball speeds, a new seamless Tour Aero to optimise your ball flight, increased greenside control, and soft feel.

Available in-store and online early February 2024.

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