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Scoreband Watch Pro - White


Scoreband Watch Pro - White
Scoreband Watch Pro - White
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Built on input procured from thousands of user surveys, product reviews and direct feedback, ScoreBand PRO - TOUR EDITION encompasses everything the passionate recreational athlete could ask for in a scorekeeping watch. Three scorekeeping modes (Golf/Tennis/AllScore) plus Stopwatch and Time mode make ScoreBand PRO - TOUR EDITION the only sports watch you will ever buy..


Track Hole and Round score
Running total of strokes display
Post-Round score summary of Front 9/Back 9/hole-by-hole
Elapsed time of round (hole-by-hole)
In-Round hole-by-hole score recap option


Track Game / Set / Match scores
Player Serve indicator ("P1"/"P2")
Tie-Break scoring option
Post-Match Set Score summary
Elapsed Match time (by Set)


Track Game and Series score (up to 99:99)
Post-game summary of Game scores
Record statistics or counts for other sports/activities


Standard Stopwatch function (to hundredth of second)
Includes lap counter
Lap time review


12 or 24 hour time view option
Day / Month / Seconds