Sureshot GPS Watch+

WAS $249.95 NOW $158.00

Know the Distance with Convenience

Know the distance and enhance how you play golf with the comfortable, lightweight and water-resistant Watch Plus. Bring convenience and a heightened experience to your game, simply by the touch of your wrist. The Watch Plus is not only conscious and aware of the game in front of you with its golf mode, but also monitors your health and tracks your fitness with its in built in sports mode which includes a detailed heart rate monitor and precise fitness tracker. The Watch Plus features over 35,000 pre-loaded maps with hazards on a large sunlight-friendly screen to ensure you know the distance and never second guess the distance. Knowing the time and distance never looked so good with the SureshotGPS

    Light weight designed to fit the contour of your wrist
    Sunlight readable screen
    Waterproof to 30m
    Time mode to wear as an everyday watch

Golf Mode

    Distances to the front, center & back of the green
    Distances to the front & carry of Hazards
    Preloaded with over 35,000 courses

Fitness Tracker

    Walking and running modes
    Heart rate monitor
    Watch calories burned
    Track distances travelled