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TaylorMade golf clubs - a brand built around dedication and innovation

The TaylorMade brand began with a single man - Gary Adams - who in the spring of 1979 took out a $24,000 loan, rented a 6,000 square-foot building and began forging golfing history.

Since then TaylorMade has become synonymous with the ideals of golfing excellence and innovation, a reputation that helped the company become just the second ever golf brand to take in over a billion dollars in revenue in a single year.

A brand dedicated to innovation, passion, competition and authenticity

Ever since that fateful day in 1979, the TaylorMade company has been built around three key principles: A commitment towards combining innovation with authenticity, a determination to show passion and dedication to their craft, and a desire to work hard to grow and be truly competitive in the industry.

Those beliefs have served TaylorMade well over the last 30 years and have helped take Mr Adams' company to the very top of the golfing landscape, a position thoroughly deserved.

Because a job worth doing is a job worth doing right

When TaylorMade was first founded it was built around a single, innovative club design - a 12-degree stainless steel driver which looked, sounded and performed differently than any other wooden club that had come before.

From those humble, innovative beginnings TaylorMade has grown into one of the biggest golfing brands in the entire world, but it has never forgotten its commitment towards excellence and producing a more superior product than any other competitor.

When you buy a TaylorMade golf club, you do so safe in the knowledge that this club has been engineered with the same dedication that Greg Adams put into his very first driver - that's the sort of devotion and enthusiasm that can truly make a difference to your game.

The best of the best use TaylorMade golf clubs

Some of the very best professionals on the PGA Tour utilise TaylorMade golf clubs when out on the green, knowing that they can rely on TaylorMade equipment to give them the best possible reward for their performance.

Individuals who have lent their support towards the TaylorMade brand include household names such as Jason Day, Sergio García, John Senden and 2010 BMW Championship winner Dustin Johnson.

To find out for yourself exactly what makes TaylorMade golf equipment so brilliant to use, why not invest in a set today? It might just be the best golfing decision you will ever make.

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