XXIO 13 X Irons

$292.00 per iron

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A thinner, forged face with MainFrame grooves milled onto its back side, combined with a larger high-density tungsten-nickel weight, work together to produce a higher ball flight with improved ball speed and distance. Their sharp shaping and good swing feel also make XXIO X Irons impressively satisfying.


The thin, high-strength titanium face, along with hollow portions of the heel, allow for an even larger high-density tungsten-nickel toe weight. The toe-side weight optimizes the Center of Gravity location for a higher, straighter launch.


A variable thickness pattern of grooves, channels, and cavities carefully milled into the backside of XXIO X Iron faces maximizes flex at impact for improved ball speed.

Speed Groove

Three grooves on the back of the face allow it to flex more at impact for improved energy transfer and more ball speed.

V-Shaped Sole

Ideal for swings with a flat or steep attack angle, a higher bounce on the leading edge prevents digging while a lower bounce on the trailing edge allows for maximum workability.

The dynamic V-Shaped Sole helps maintain clubhead speed through impact for clean strikes across fairway, rough, and sand—even if you contact the turf slightly behind the ball.

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