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ClubFit Golf Club Fitting System

ClubFit golf club fitting system is the World's first computerised Golf Club Fitting System.

The technologies in Golf Clubs have changed a lot from the days when I first started playing golf with persimmon woods and blade irons. Now we have Titanium drivers as big as my old wooden tennis racquet as well as oversize irons, hybrid clubs and a plethora of wedges to choose from.

The question I am asked a lot by golfers is; “Brett, what clubs should I use?” The reality is no one can truly tell you what clubs you need by just looking at you. You need to be properly fitted. This is true for all golfers, regardless of your ability or how much you want to spend. Whether its 300 bucks or $3000 on your next set, you need to get the clubs that best suit you at the price you’re happy to pay.

This is where Drummond Golf can help you. They have a world first in computerized fitting; it is called CLUBFIT and it’s exclusive to Drummond Golf.

CLUBFIT takes all the guesswork out of buying a set of clubs and ensures you get the best clubs for you at the price you want to pay. Best of all it’s FREE. Selected staff at every Drummond Golf store are CLUBFIT trained so you can have complete confidence in what they do. The fitting information held in the ClubFit database is supplied by all the leading manufactures which make ClubFit one of the very few brand independent, computerized fitting systems in the world.

Remember this, the most important thing when buying clubs is not the clubs, it’s YOU.

Good golfing,

Brett Ogle