Drummond Golf TV is a new and exciting, laughter-filled golf series hosted by NRL and AFL premiership winners and complete golf tragic’s Braith Anasta and Dale 'Daisy' Thomas.

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just the occasional social hitter, Drummond Golf TV guarantees a front-row seat to a highly entertaining, challenge-filled golf series. Drummond Golf TV features weekly celebrity and professional guests including; Harrison Crowe, Glenn Maxwell, Mitch Starc, Alyssa Healy and Nathan Barbieri. We take you around Australia to some incredible courses as our hosts and guests navigate some unconventional golfing challenges. This new and dynamic series flips the script on traditional golf and delivers endless laugh-out-loud moments. Drummond Golf TV promises a unique blend of skill, humour, and entertainment.

Catch all the action here! New episodes are available every week, on Thursdays at 11:30am. 

 DGTV Episode 11 - 2v1 Challenge featuring Braith Anasta and Daisy Thomas

 DGTV Episode 10 - Short PAR5 Challenge

 DGTV Episode 9 - Short Game Challenge

 DGTV Episode 8 - 'HORSE' Challenge

 DGTV Episode 7 - Run the Run

 DGTV Episode 6 - Break 30

 DGTV Episode 5 - Mulligan Challenge

 DGTV Episode 4 - Cricket Golf Challenge Part 2

 DGTV Episode 3 - Cricket Golf Challenge Part 1

DGTV Episode 2 - Holy Grails Challenge

DGTV Episode 1 - Roulette Challenge

DGTV Series Promo

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