Golf Tip: Better Ball-Striking...Make An Impact

Golf Tip: Better Ball-Striking...Make An Impact


by Nadene Gole
Former Tour player & winner on the European Tour

Better Ball-Striking

Make An Impact

Impact is the moment-of-truth in every golf swing. Good players may have differing swings, but the one position they all share is the one at impact. They retain their wrist-hinge through the hitting area with both hands slightly in front of the ball at impact, resulting in maximum clubhead speed, accuracy and optimum ball flight.
Low handicappers complete the correct body sequencing at impact. Hands, wrists and clubhead arrive at impact in the correct order.

From the beginning of the downswing, the correct sequence is as follows (for right-handed players):

- Transfer weight onto your left side.
- Continue body rotation towards the target.
- Maintain the natural wrist-hinge formed during the backswing

Scooping at the ball at impact. This happens because your body rotation has stopped or slowed down through the impact zone. Hands take over, resulting in the left wrist collapsing and the clubhead reaching the ball before the wrist. This causes a loss of speed, power and accuracy.

* If the clubhead reaches the checkpoint first, you have failed to achieve the correct impact position.


Maintain wrist-hinge for as long as possible by feeling as though you are leading into impact with the butt end of the club.

Think of impact as a checkpoint during a race:
- your left hand should pass through in first place,
- your right hand should be second,
- and the clubhead should place third.



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