Cleveland CBX4 Zip Core Tour Satin Wedge - Ladies


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Introducing the Cleveland CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges, a pinnacle of innovation that seamlessly merges premium versatility with unparalleled forgiveness. Designed with a sleek and sharp aesthetic, these wedges effortlessly complement modern cavity back or hollow sets.

The CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges boast Cleveland Golf's latest tour-caliber technologies, including HydraZip, ZipCore, and UltiZip, making them the epitome of excellence in cavity back wedge design.

CBX 4 ZipCore is available in Men’s and Women’s models.

Key Innovations:

Cleveland’s exclusive HydraZip technology features a dynamic blast and laser-milled line system, creating strategic roughness on the face. This enhances friction, delivering maximum spin in all conditions, and from any position around the green. Additionally, HydraZip reduces glare at address, ensuring a clear focus on your shot.

At the heart of CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges lies the revolutionary ZipCore technology. This lightweight and low-density core, strategically positioned within the cavity back design, not only reduces vibrations but also shifts weight to boost Moment of Inertia (MOI). The result is enhanced feel, control, consistency, and forgiveness compared to previous generations.

UltiZip introduces a network of sharp, deep, and tightly spaced face grooves. This innovative design maximizes performance at contact by efficiently slicing through and channeling debris to bite harder. The outcome is purer spin, superior control, and enhanced shot-to-shot consistency.

Each CBX 4 ZipCore Wedge comes equipped with a dynamic V-, S-, or C-shaped sole, meticulously selected by the brand's engineering team based on the wedge's loft. This thoughtful pairing enhances your greenside shotmaking ability, providing versatility and performance tailored to your game.

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