Target Caddie TC300 Rangefinder

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DG Product Code: 87340029


  • x6 Magnification
  • Scanning Mode
  • Pin Seeker
  • Jolt Function
  • Waterproof
  • Premium Hard Case


The TC 300 is the premium model in the Target Caddie range. The sleek ergonomic body is waterproof and has an adjustable eye piece for focusing. The TC 300 comes with a premium hard case and has two main buttons. The ‘’M” button toggles through the modes and pushing the Power Button turns the unit on a measures distances when pressed.

The TC 300 measures in either Yards or Meters which can be changed by holding down the M button and confirming the measurement change by pressing the power button, the TC 300 can read distances up to 1000 meters.

The TC 300 has x6 magnification, standard mode, scan function and a pin seeker mode.

The pin seeker mode with jolt is a unique feature for the TC 300 and is activated by pressing the M button until a flag stick appears this feature assists in locating the flag and reassures the user that they have locked onto target by jolting.

The TC 300 is very accurate with a variance of + or – 1 yard and saves battery by automatically shutting off after 10 seconds. The Tc 300 comes with a 12 month warranty.