Take your game to the next level with Callaway golf equipment

Callaway Authorised Retailer

Callaway Golf South Pacific has an extensive group of highly-skilled retail partners in place to service the Callaway consumer. We believe it is imperative that our consumers deal only with Authorised Retailer’s to ensure they have access to:

  • 100% genuine Callaway product, produced by Callaway and approved vendors
  • Full warranty for all products and ability to service that warranty
  • Product fully fitted to their needs and assembled to those specifications in our custom cell in Melbourne
  • Service and support provided by our retail partners who are specialists in the Callaway brand
  • Full product knowledge and training on the Callaway range to ensure they get the right advice
  • The true Callaway experience that comes when you buy into our brand

Callaway Golf - A history of performance and precision

For more than 30 years Callaway Golf has been producing some of the finest golf products the world has ever known - and now you can take your game to the next level by adding a piece of Callaway equipment to your bag.

A range of equipment to suit every player

Because Callaway Golf prides itself on being a one stop shop for players of all technique, age and ability, you can feel confident that there is a Callaway product out there that is perfect for you.

With a wide selection of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges, not to mention a huge assortment of gloves and other apparel, you can stock your entire bag with Callaway equipment and never have to worry about getting caught unprepared when you're out on the fairway.

And because Callaway Golf is built with durability and long-lasting performance in mind, you can make an investment in your game that you know will pay off on the course in the long run.

A proven history of performance

Ever since Ely Callaway first purchased the Hickory Sticks golfing equipment company in the early 1980's, Callaway has been designing some of the best and most proven clubs in the world.

It was not until 1986 however that Callaway Golf truly began to set itself apart, when it became the very first company to utilise computer controlled milling machines in order to ensure that every putter produced was completely flat and unified in precision.

That moment proved to the golfing world that Callaway was an organisation committed to an unbeatable level of innovation and professionalism - a reputation that it has maintained to this day.

Professional equipment for professional players

A consistent and unwavering pledge towards innovation and superior performance has taken Callaway to the very top of the golfing landscape, to the point where some of the finest players in the world have utilised Callaway gear in some of history's biggest tournaments.

That includes legends of the game such as four time major champion Phil Mickleson and 2012 Open Championship winner Ernie Els, as well as modern world beaters such as Jim Furyk and Fredrick Jacobson, and even Australia's own nine time PGA Tour winner Stuart Appleby.

Callaway golf equipment is also a favourite of many of the finest international players on the PGA European Tour, such as Sweden's Christian Nilsson and the greatest Danish golfer to ever play the game, Thomas Bjorn.

For all of these players competing on the most demanding stage of all, accuracy and precision is not just an advantage but a sheer necessity. That is why they turn to Callaway Golf.

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