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In 1914, three events heralded the beginning of an exciting new era in golf.

First, the flamboyant Walter Hagen won the U.S Open Championship. His amazing golfing skill and colourful personality captured headlines, increasing the nation’s interest and participation in the game.

Second, Henry Ford introduced the mass production assembly line, and doubled his worker’s wages. He set a precedent that helped establish a new era in which the average man could afford both the time and money for what had previously been a rich man’s game.

Third, Wilson Sporting Goods Co entered the Sporting Goods business. In the years to come, Wilson’s bold new club ideas helped make the game more enjoyable for more golfers than ever before in the history of the game.

The following chronicles some of the key moments in the history of Wilson golf that changed the gentle game of 50 years ago to the exciting, low scoring power game that we know today.

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  1. Wilson Staff C200 Irons
    Wilson Staff C200 Irons
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  2. Wilson Staff D200 Womens Fairway Wood
    Wilson Staff D200 Womens Fairway Wood
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    Wilson Staff D350 Irons
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    Wilson Staff D7 Driver
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    Wilson Staff D7 Hybrid
  6. Wilson Staff D7 Irons
    Wilson Staff D7 Irons

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